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Biological One vaccine to rule them all
Long-term measles-induced immunomodulation increases overall childhood infectious disease mortality. Mina et al.
annotated by Sara Reynolds
The introduction of the measles vaccination led to a drop in childhood death rates that was greater than what could be expected by the prevention of just measles. This research...

annotations posted 07/21/2016
original paper published 05/08/2015

Biological Empowering youth through summer jobs
Summer jobs reduce violence among disadvantaged youth. Heller.
annotated by Jessica Ham
When young adults do not have access to jobs they are more likely to be involved in violent activity that can injure or kill those involved. This suggests that there is something about having a job that keeps young adults from participating...

annotations posted 07/20/2016
original paper published 12/05/2014

Biological Metabolic middle ground
Evidence for mesothermy in dinosaurs.  Grady et al.
annotated by Valerie May
For several decades, researchers have struggled to determine whether dinosaurs had energetic systems closer to those of rapidly metabolizing endotherms like mammals and birds, or to those of slower, ectothermic reptiles that do not...

annotations posted 07/19/2016
original paper published 06/12/2014

Biological Origin of immunity
Fate Mapping Analysis Reveals That Adult Microglia Derive from Primitive Macrophages. Ginhoux et al.
annotated by Tatiana Schnieder
The main defense system in an organism is the immune system. Until now, scientists have thought that microglia, the immune cells of the brain, originated at birth with macrophages, another...

annotations posted 07/18/2016
original paper published 06/08/2016

Physical Curiosity tells all about Mars’ radiation environment
Mars’ Surface Radiation Environment Measured with the Mars Science Laboratory’s Curiosity Rover. Hassler et al.
annotated by Manuela Buonanno
A high level of radiation is a limiting factor for manned Mars exploration. The Curiosity rover contained a particle and neutron detector for measuring radiation on the surface of...

annotations posted 07/15/2016
original paper published 01/24/2014

Biological Sewer pipes party: sulfate is not invited
Reducing sewer corrosion through integrated urban water management.  Pikaar et al. 
annotated by Benay Akyon
Why are so many sewer pipes being replaced? Sewer corrosion is one of the main reasons and primarily, sulfate is to blame. In this study, scientists investigated the main source of sulfate in our sewer systems....

annotations posted 07/14/2016
original paper published 09/21/2015

Biological If you're happy, do you show it?
Conservatives report, but liberals display, greater happiness.  Wojcik et al.
annotated by Rebecca L. Dyer
Are conservatives happier than liberals?  Is this so-called “happiness gap” as straightforward as some might suggest?  Whereas previous work has relied on self-reported measurements of happiness and subjective well...

annotations posted 06/30/2016
original paper published 03/13/2015

Physical Light as a feather, strong as an ox
Ultralight, Ultrastiff Mechanical Metamaterials. Xiaoyu Zheng et al.
annotated by Pierre Nauleau
Imagine a lightweight material that can support 10,000 times its weight. What would it look like? Scientists have applied the same principles of lattice architecture that give the...

annotations posted 06/24/2016
original paper published 06/20/2014

Biological Inflammation: The first responders need help
Neutrophils scan for activated platelets to initiate inflammation. Sreeramkumar et al.
annotated by Archana Gopalakrishnan
White blood cells, or neutrophils, are like the EMT response to an infection. They are the first ones to arrive at an infected site, but how do these cells know where...

annotations posted 06/23/2016
original paper published 04/18/2016

Biological Arrested development: when cells make mistakes
Requirement for p53 and p21 to Sustain G2 Arrest After DNA Damage. Bunz et al.
annotated by Adam M. Thomas
Our DNA is constantly being damaged by environmental factors like radiation and chemicals, as well by...

annotations posted 06/17/2016
original paper published 11/19/1998