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Biological Lights, motor neurons, and muscle action!
Optical Control of Muscle Function by Transplantation of Stem Cell–Derived Motor Neurons in Mice. Bryson et al.
annotated by Polly Huang 
After nerve injury or neurodegenerative disease, patients...

annotations posted 01/09/2015
original paper published 04/04/2014

Biological Gearing up to jump
Interacting Gears Synchronize Propulsive Leg Movements in a Jumping Insect. Malcolm Burrows and Gregory Sutton
annotated by Rebecca M. Price
Imagine jumping in a mere 2 one-thousandths of a second (2 ms...

annotations posted 12/12/2014
original paper published 09/13/2013

Biological Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?
Ancient DNA Reveals Elephant Birds and Kiwi are Sister Taxa and Clarifies Ratite Bird Evolution.  Mitchell et al.
annotated by Jennifer Susan Stancill
The species we see on earth today have been shaped by millions of years of evolution....

annotations posted 11/28/2014
original paper published 05/23/2014

Biological Implanting false memories
Creating a False Memory in the Hippocampus. Ramirez et al.
annotated by Swagata Basu
The brain is plastic and processes information from the surroundings by coordinating activities between...

annotations posted 11/07/2014
original paper published 07/26/2013

Physical Black holes and galaxies...having a blast together
Radio Jets Clearing the Way Through a Galaxy: Watching Feedback in Action. Morganti et al.
annotated by Stephen N. Floor
Supermassive black holes exist at the center of galaxies, often weighing more...

annotations posted 10/24/2014
original paper published 09/06/2013

Biological Jumping Genes!
Dosage Compensation via Transposable Element Mediated Rewiring of a Regulatory Network.  Ellison and Bachtrog
annotated by Parmit Kumar Singh 
Barbara McClintock's discovery of transposons, mobile...

annotations posted 10/10/2014
original paper published 11/15/2013

Biological Do you remember being born?
Hippocampal Neurogenesis Regulates Forgetting During Adulthood and Infancy.  Akers et al.
annotated by Sarah Moore
Why do we have so much trouble remembering our own infancy? This...

annotations posted 09/26/2014
original paper published 09/26/2014

Physical Chemical Reactions Up Close
Direct Imaging of Covalent Bond Structure in Single-Molecule Chemical Reactions de Oteyza et al. 
annotated by Kelly Resmer
How exactly do chemicals react? How do molecules break and form new bonds? How do we know what the products of chemical reactions look like? In this study, the organic hydrocarbon, phenylene-1,2-...

annotations posted 09/12/2014
original paper published 09/12/2014

Biological New Neurons Stand Out From the Crowd
Emergence of Individuality in Genetically Identical Mice. Freund et al.
annotated by Stephanie Redmond 
We have noticed for a long time that identical twins, who share the same genes and grew up in the same family, do not act exactly the same. But, since we also know that our environment and genetic...

annotations posted 08/01/2014
original paper published 08/29/2014

Biological Deep Clean Your Brain in One Easy Step!
Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain.  Xie et al.
annotated by Kenton Hokanson 
The brain is highly metabolically active and produces waste that must be removed before it accumulates and begins to harm the brain. This paper links sleep with the removal of these dangerous metabolic by-products. The...

annotations posted 07/25/2014
original paper published 07/25/2014