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Physical Replicating Photosynthesis
Wireless Solar Water Splitting Using Silicon-Based Semiconductors and Earth-Abundant Catalysts.  Reece et al.  
annotated by Melissa McCartney
The sun is capable of providing for our energy needs.  Currently, we are unable to harness this power and store it in a cost effective manner.  Scientists and engineers are...

annotations posted 03/15/2012
original paper published 09/07/2012

Biological Heads or Tails?
Polarized notum Activation at Wounds Inhibits Wnt Function to Promote Planarian Head Regeneration.  Petersen and Reddien.
annotated by Melissa McCartney
Humans seem to be superior to starfish, with a complex nervous system, the ability to walk upright, and opposable thumbs.  However, starfish are capable of regeneration...

annotations posted 03/13/2012
original paper published 09/07/2012

Biological A Tiny Fungus is Causing Big Problems
An Emerging Disease Causes Regional Population Collapse of a Common North American Bat Species.  Frick et al. 
annotated by Melissa McCartney
Despite their size, ecosystems are fragile and easily disrupted. The introduction of a novel disease can have serious impacts on naïve wildlife populations, which in turn will...

annotations posted 02/02/2012
original paper published 09/07/2012