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Additional Classroom Activities to accompany the SitC Resource

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Activity: Amyloid and tau: Both may be needed for developing Alzheimer's disease

Additional Classroom Activities to accompany the SitC Resource

  • Spatial Memory in the Morris Water Maze


    In the attached activity, students will take a closer look at the swimming behavior of a rat performing a similar memory task as described in the annotated paper and determine whether the rat is normal or has learning and memory issues. The recordings were made a by one of the co-athors.

    Students will make predictions, watch three different videos, analyze an image of a tracked swimming path, and answer a series of questions. 

    The videos are embedded in the downloadable PPT file that can be projected in class or on a computer at home. 



    "Alzheimer's Disease: Piecing Together the Evidence"  – an online actiivty on HHMI's BioInteractive

    In this interactive, students analyze and interpret evidence from different fields, make predictions about the biology of Alzheimer’s disease, and identify possible targets for treatment. As students progress through the interactive they are asked to take detailed notes and write down their questions and ideas in the interactive itself. After completing the activity, they can print and/or email their notes. The activity addresses the following science practices: 

    • Students engage in scientific questioning, data analysis, and evaluation of evidence to understand the biological mechanism of Alzheimer disease.
    • Students identify the biological molecules associated with Alzheimer disease and use this information to predict a possible treatment.


    Data Point activity  – a printable classroom resource on Alzheimer's disease. With this short activity, students can hone their ability to interpret graphs. The accompanying educator guide includes questions to guide class discussions on the graph's characteristics and the results it shows.