Data activities

Data activity (DA): students analyze real data provided by Yoel Stuart using either the simplified data table in the activity or the full dataset in the accompanying Excel spreadsheet. The data were collected on 11 islands in the Mosquito Lagoon in 2010, three years after introducing A. sagrei (see Fig. 2 of the article and Figure S1 in the Supplemental Materials). A few educator tips and suggestions for modifications for different audiences—high school versus college—are included as comments in the "teacher worksheet" version of the document.

Data Points: This worksheet asks students to analyze selected figures from the article and answer discussion questions. The "teacher worksheet" for the Data Points activity includes answers to the discussion questions.

Additional resources

HHMI BioInteractive's Lizard Virtual Lab: students can explore the evolution of the Caribbean anoles by analyzing their own morphological measurements.

HHMI BioInteractive's Statistics and Math Collection: tutorials that cover the fundamentals of math, statistics, and how to use a spreadsheet in data analysis.

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